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This is the official website of the Ancient Chaos MUD. A medieval online multi-player RPG game offering hundreds upon hundreds of hours of good clean fun.

Please contact the webmaster, with any contributions of information and/or graphics and/or suggestions.

Ancient Chaos has sprung from minds and souls of many VERY experienced and long time players of MUDs, particularly SMAUG muds. These people have joined to create an incredible world of conflict, puzzling quests and groups of people that love to play in a fantasy text-based world.

We are new-player friendly as well as savvy in the wants and desires of extremely experienced players. Our Immortals are approachable and available to help you with your concerns and problems.

We are slowly moving away from the familiar stock smaug muds, to be a mud with an own character and features. New areas are being offered and many more are in progress. We hope to be able to offer you contintents full of fun and exploration. 

We are constantly working on improving what we have built up so far and are open to your views and opinions. Interested in a  mud where you actually can make a difference  and help shape the path of our MUD?

We are currently not actively looking for new immortals. The odd one is still being hired, but that's about it.

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A trek into an ancient realm of might and magic where mystery, shadow, anarchy, chaos and evil prevail, but, where also a rebellion of devout altruists is gathering strength, power and momentum.
"The best way to predict the future, is to invent it."
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This is NOT a stock SMAUG MUD and has many NEW areas, features, skills and spells to explore and enjoy! The emphasis on this MUD is toward fair play, fun for all, and equal treatment and rules for all players.
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(Flaming Grey) (Glowing) (Humming) a brass hilted Talwar Sword

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